Your connection for superior fabrication welding.

Partnering with an OEM like Northern Metal Products means you don’t have to choose between quality and speed. Our welding fabrication services provide the highest quality wire forming, sheet metal manufacturing and tube fabrication welding for short and long production runs. In addition, we offer semi-automatic and completely automatic metal welding alongside rapid prototyping and laser cutting to ensure faster turnaround and unmatched quality.

Our metal welding capabilities:

  • Resistance welding
  • CNC resistance welding
  • Mesh welding
  • Robotic MIG welding
  • TIG welding

Along with our fabrication welding capabilities, we also provide hardware insertion services for assemblies such as Pem Style, Weld Nuts, CD Welding and Weld Studs. What’s more, our capabilities include expertise using a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

In-house powder coating and finishing.

Powder coating and finishing services are two of the many ways our shop provides you with time and cost savings. By manufacturing performing electrostatic powder coating and fluidized bed coating right at our facility, we’re able to offer accelerated lead times, faster delivery and unmatched quality fabrication.

Have questions about our welding and fabrication services? Contact us or request a quote for your next metal welding job.