Materials matter for POP displays.

Maybe you’re looking for a rugged, weathered look for an outdoor footwear display. Or perhaps it’s an electronics display that requires a sleek, contemporary appeal. Or you might be in need of a sophisticated, eloquent rack system for an upscale clothing line.

No matter what type of point-of-purchase display your business needs, Northern Metal Products has the right materials and expert fabrication knowledge to design and build custom POP displays with stunning, functional designs that engage and motivate your customers.

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Carbon Steel – The industry standard for durable, wear-resistant displays, carbon steel offers variety, visual appeal and longevity for most any POP design.

Aluminum – Where weight is a concern, aluminum provides a lighter alternative to steel or wood while maintaining an inviting, eye-catching appeal.

Stainless steel – For displays that require a more polished look, stainless steel is ideally suited for outside applications and numerous types of retail designs.

Wire / Rod – Lightweight and durable, wire fabrication provides a variety of design options suitable for virtually any type of display.

Wood – One characteristic that sets us apart from other POP display manufacturers is our in-house wood shop. Solid, natural and beautiful, wood is a versatile option for a limitless number of displays from comfortable to cosmopolitan.

Sheet metal – Strong and pliable, sheet metal provides a variety of design options for any type of custom point-of-purchase display project.

Plastics – Economical, lightweight and versatile, plastic components serve as a beneficial material for many types of POP display designs.

Tubing – The state-of-the-art material used for designs that want to communicate contemporary, innovative, sophisticated style.

Signage & graphics – A display component that helps communicate your message, accentuate your brand and tie the entire POP display together with creative, on-point design.

While taking into consideration a number of factors, such as the type of display, point-of-purchase location, branding and project goals, we’ll help you determine the best materials for your project and your budget.

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